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A child learns a lot from its Surroundings, Environment and Nature. We at APS act as a facilitator between the child and the ecosystem. Activity or project-based learning helps a child to easily get acquainted with various academic concepts. Children expand their thinking and become more progressive in their outlook through field trips and outings.
According to the academic schedule, periodic trips are arranged to places of historical or cultural interest, industries, botanical gardens, zoo and so on. To ensure teamwork and co-ordination and maintain high level of interests students themselves are involved in planning such activities.
It is a well said that “Experience is the best teacher.” Experiential Learning improves the logical ability of students because each child has his/her own way of perceiving things. Some might dig deeper and also gain additional knowledge. Some children may even think and absorb some things beyond other children’s imagination. They would not be bound by any limitations while learning through experiences.

Moreover, these trips also act as breaks and children can relax a bit from their classroom schedules. This way, the learning process and the academic schedule become more interesting and children would love their schools as much as we do. Children feel excited about something other than classroom programmes. These field trips add fun to their learning.
Children can connect better with the real world through this method of learning compared to typical bookish knowledge in our traditional education system. They grow as smarter and more confident individuals as they see what they learn.